At The Jesus Freaks

Important statement.

We are heading towards the craziest thing you could ever see. You are approaching the moment when all the townspeople of Indaiatuba know a power beyond the normal. A power that no one will explain. Crippled people see rising from the wheelchair, blind summer restoring sight, singing dumb summer, summer with people saying and proving that medical examinations have been cured of AIDS.
The time has come where there will be no more robberies, murders, rapes, child prostitution and adult prostitution. Young people seeking God first … young people with the dream of keeping their purity until marriage … Young generation who want to make your …
Indaiatuba there is a small nation that God is raising up to revolutionize our time. Youth who do not care what the religious, most hypocritical, they talk … Christ is our target, we want to reach people who do not know the Word of Truth …
Our mission is: To disseminate the love of God to youngs, challenging them to grow in faith in Christ … honoring God with their lives, developing the ministry of Jesus, caring for each other.
If you can not accept that the world is around you, join this revolution … every Friday Sexta Life at 20:30 at Hangar 7, which is on  Luiz Rezende Street, 40 alongside the Gaviões da Fiel.

I Love You

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